Consider offering the watch battery replacement service as a traffic building advertising investment—that pays big profits!

Most watch batteries are easy to replace, have an average cost of less than $1, and typically sell for $12.50 or more. Build customer confidence by featuring the world’s leading watch battery brand, Murata!

Murata Watch Battery Kits

Murata watch battery starter kits include everything you need: an assortment of the most popular watch batteries, battery change instructions and training video created by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, Murata’s 60-drawer organizer display featuring our exclusive popularity scale and cross-referenced drawer label set, and all the necessary tools, including:

  • Snap & Screw Back Watch Case Openers
  • Small Flat Head Screwdrivers 
  • Murata Watch Battery Size Selector 
  • GEMORO Watch Battery Tester 
  • Plastic & Fine Point Metal Tweezers 
  • Spring Bar Tool & Assorted Spring Bars 
  • Watch Band Link Pin Remover & Extra Pins 
  • Hammer with Plastic and Metal Heads 
  • 3 Sizes of Punch Pins 
  • Watch Case Vise 
  • Rubber Gasket Assortment 
  • Cross Reference Guide 
  • Inventory Control System 
  • 10”x 7” Window Sticker
  • Battery Recycling Container

Murata Deluxe Starter Kit: 225 Assorted Popular Murata Batteries, 38 types, covering more than 99% of sales  Item #MBAT-DELUXEKIT

Murata Basic Starter Kit: 175 Assorted Popular Murata Batteries, 23 types, covering about 95% of Sales  Item #MBAT-BASICKIT 

Sony / Murata Drawer Label Set

Both kits come with our self adhesive label set for organizer. Each label provides cross reference information, battery size, chemistry, drain, voltage, and unique popularity scale®. Organizer drawers accommodate strips without folding or tearing.

Murata Battery Organizer–Small

10.5” L x 8.5” Deep x 6.5” Tall  10 drawer, 20 compartment red plastic organizer, with plenty of room to store 1,000+ batteries. Very clean, compact professional appearance.

Murata Watch Battery Size Selector

Quick and easy-to-use 2-sided device for selecting the proper replacement battery for watches, key fobs, children’s toys and more. Simply start with a small hole, and work your way toward the larger holes. The first hole the battery fits through is the battery type required for safely powering the device. A must-have handy cross-referencing tool, ideal for your watch battery replacement business.

Murata Case Knife

Professional quality, snap-back watch case opening tool, ideal for watch battery replacement.

Murata Tweezers

Metal with insulated plastic tips, ideal for watch battery replacement.

Murata Cross Reference Guide

11.75” x 8.25” A quick reference plastic chart used for selecting the proper Murata Battery type number based upon battery brand and type number, or size in inches or mm, for Silver Oxide, Alkaline or Lithium button and coin cells.

Murata Work Mat

12” x 8.5” non-slip, rubber, anti-static work pad. Gray color to reduce eye fatigue, thick padding, making it the perfect surface to perform watch battery replacements.