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  • Murata batteries feature longer-life than other leading brands.

  • Murata batteries feature the best anti-leakage system in the industry.

  • Murata offers a “Smarter” Multidrain System, reducing the number of SKUs required without making compromise.

  • All SR, CR and LR batteries are offered exclusively in easy push-through tear-strips of 5 cells, marked with a “Use By” (best before) date.

  • Murata has produced over 10 billion batteries since 1977 and developed the world’s first mercury-free silver oxide battery in 2004.

  • All SR and LR type batteries are mercury-free, and produced in Japan. (CR batteries have always been Mercury-Free)

  • All lithium batteries of the size CR1632 or smaller are produced in Japan; larger lithium types are produced in Indonesia.