Since 2017, Sony watch batteries have been manufactured by Murata

The very same high-quality batteries are available today—only under the Murata brand.

Murata offers a wide range of micro batteries with high performance and reliability, taking advantage of state-of-the-art design and production technologies.

Features of Murata Micro Batteries

Murata offers a “Smarter” Multidrain System, reducing the number of SKUs required without making compromise.

Murata’s longer-life silver oxide batteries feature the best anti-leakage system in the industry.

All Silver Oxide, Lithium coin, and Alkaline button cells batteries are offered exclusively in tear-strips of 5 cells, marked with a “Use By” (best before) date.

The full line of Murata Batteries, the world’s leading watch battery brand, is available at very competitive prices, through our network of stocking distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact us for the name of your nearest stocking distributor.