The true global leader.

Sony’s battery factory, engineering team and patented technology were acquired by Murata in 2017, when Murata began producing batteries for Sony and other major brands.

In 2020, Sony decided to exit the business, while encouraging their customers to transition to the Murata brand.

Even though watch manufacturing giants Seiko and Swatch produce their own watch batteries, HALF of all watches sold globally today come with a Murata battery for original equipment.

Who is Murata?

Murata is a $38 billion Japanese component manufacturer with more than 75,000 employees globally.

Murata is now globally recognized as the world’s largest silver oxide watch battery producer.

Murata components can be found in virtually all hand-held, internet connected devices, including cell phones, smart watches and computers!

Murata is also a top ranked lithium coin-cell battery producer.

Cumulative production total of over 10 billion batteries!

In 1977, Sony started production of button batteries and achieved a cumulative production total of over 10 billion batteries by 2017.

Building upon Sony’s success, Murata continues to focus R&D efforts toward developing battery solutions which protect the environment while  exceeding customer expectations for reliability and performance.